Jube is an award winning bio-inspired device for capturing edible insects, the food of the future. After studying a range of carnivorous plants, the team decided to base their design on the Genlisea violacea “lobster-pot trap.” This is a Y-shaped modified leaf chamber that is easy to enter, but not to exit due to its inward-pointing hairs, which force the prey to move in a particular direction. This device promotes a more sustainable way to incorporate protein and nutrients into the world’s diet by offering an insect-capturing device that is unique and beautiful. The product is designed to be artistic and crafted so that people in any community can make it and sell it to other people as an alternative source of revenue.




2016 – Global Biomimicry Design Challenge (Top 3 winner – Final/prototype round)
2015 – Global Biomimicry Design Challenge (The 1st runner up – proposal round)


2018 – Essex Peabody Museum, MA
2017 – Biomimicry : Inspired by Nature Exhibition at National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taiwan
2016 – Bioneers Conference, San Francisco
2016 – Biomimicry Innovation Showcase at Children’s Creativity Museum, San Francisco and Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco



Pat Pataranutaporn
Ratchaphak Tantisanghirun
Tavita Kulsupakarn
Alfredo Raphael
Purichaya Kuptajit


Dr. Werasak Surareunchai
Dr. Opas Tantithakul
Bank Ngamarunchot
Rob Logan
Chris Allen