About FREAK Lab

Futuristic Research Cluster (FREAK Lab) is an anti-disciplinary research cluster that converge arts, science, and technology for thinking beyond and exploring the the symbiotic relationship between human and the emerging technologies. Found by a group of JSTP alumni and mentors in 2017 inside King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), FREAK Lab use variety of methods and mediums : prototypes, research, arts, and installation to reimagine the possibility of realities. The community of FREAKs are open-minded peoples from multi-disciplines, ages, and expertise that work together on cutting edges projects without bureaucracy and heirachy. Therefore, FREAK lab is a platform for transforming inspirational futuristic ideas into practical prototypes that have high impact to society in term of aesthetics, knowledges, and economy.

Contact : FuturisticResearch@gmail.com  

Our Projects

All Group
Cat Space
Experimental Society
Fab Taste
Functional Aesthetics
Special Project
Learning Futures
Neuro Media
Spin Off
Space Zab

More projects are coming soon!