The IAF Emerging Space Leaders 2018


October 1, 2018
To 20181005
Bremen, Germany

The IAF Emerging Space Leaders (ESL) Grant Programme enables each year 25 students and young professional between the age of 21 and 35 to participate in the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), as well as in the UN/IAF Workshop and the Space Generation Congress, both held the week prior to the Congress. These 25 students and young professionals were chosen by the Emerging Space Leaders Steering Committee composed of nine higly experienced space stakeholders. They will fly off to Bremen in September 2018 to participate in the IAC and have the opportunity to extend their network, gain knowledge and meet space experts!

Wares Chancharoen

“When I was undergraduate student in Mechanical engineering, I did microgravity research about fluid flow in textile with JAXA parabolic flight. Subsequently, last year our research team in Thailand has been awarded as a team in National Space Exploration project governed by GISTDA, Thailand space agency that the study was 3D food printer in space. Then, on March 2018, I joined a Y-ISEF side event of ISEF2 at Tokyo. In that time, our team has been awarded by Dentsu space lab that the work was a space debris destroy game (we call a Debris GO game) for sustain the funding to eliminate space debris. Recently, I am a director of citizen achieved technology (CAT) space research team in Futuristic Research in Enigmatic + Aesthetics Knowledge (FREAK) laboratory at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand and also be a CEO, co-founder of Space Zab limited company where is a space company founded by multidiscipline and multi-generation people in Thailand. For my perspectives about space, space is area to achieve our dreams and can do freak challenges. In my opinion, space is no boundaries and no nation. Therefore, we should make space easy to access, share resource, and dream together. Especially, starting from space education, we should equitize space education of children and young generation in developing country. Finally, once again space is accessible area for everyone in the world.”


IAF Emerging Space Leaders 2018