Public Discussion on Vivo-arts and Society


June 29, 2018 17:00:00
At Tentacles Art Space

We ask: Does Transgenic Human Production take into account the effect of Aesthetics on the long term Ecological effects of GMO Baby Design?

We debate: By rapid prototyping a living biological maze.

What do engineered mutant human body plans say about flesh technology? Are we techno-evolving to be more efficient, glamorous or enigmatic? Bio-Art can help us choose contemporary paths for the futures of synthetic biological structures, beings and factories. By asking questions through the biomedia of contemporary experimental design, we use biotechnology to show the complexity of biophilosophy. Using life as a sculptural printed matter, we 3D fabricate cells, organisms and biological materials into actual shapes and forms of enigmatic questions. As such, are the biologically printed structures art creatures, social debate or experimental organisms? This talk/workshop is a science/art exploration of the techniques and implications of bio-art, especially in the domain of bio-fabrication, transgenic human design and gene editing. The talk will be followed by a hands-on art laboratory developed to enrich the experimental design skills of Scientists, Engineers and Graduate Students.