Bio HCI : Wearing Bio Data, Printing Food with Mind, and Modifying Lifeform through Voice!


September 22, 2017
To 20170924
MIT Media Lab

Pat presents the Bio-HCI framework at MIT Biosummit, that focuses on three major components:biological materials, intermediate platforms, and interaction with the user. In this context, “biological materials” is meant to broadly cover biological matter (DNA, RNA, enzyme), biological information (gene, epigenetic), biological process (mutation, reproduction, self assembling), and biological form.

The Community Biotechnology Initiative at the MIT Media Lab is organizing the second annual Global Summit on Community Biotechnology this October 26 to 28! Our goal is to provide a space for the global community of DIY biologists / community biologists / biohackers / biomakers and members of independent and community laboratories to convene, plan, build fellowship, and continue the evolution of our movement.