Zodulars : The Modularized Spacecrafts


Space is full of the unknown and sometimes those unknowns are terrifying when you encounter them. In space there are always obstacles such as asteroids, space debris and solar radiation. Such obstacles often come in unpredictable and unconventional forms that are hard to stop or evade. Therefore, one of the possible solutions in countering such threats is to have a system that is modular and adaptive to incoming environ mental threats.

The major advantage of modularity is that it is as variable, unpredictable even, as the threats or challenges the spaceship encounters; If an asteroid approaches Zodulars can separate and reform to completely avoid impact with the asteroid in any form! Not only threats but human and resources treatment is much easier, if there is lacking resource in one module, people can easily move to the nearby one while one detaches and repairs.

Overall, Zodular is built to adapt to any space environment by changing itself according to threat. Having more than one survival strategy, better yet, nearly unlimited survival strategies has lead living things to survive until this day against unimaginable odds. Picture this power in space travel and humans could conquer the galaxy and beyond!