Talung app


Talung app is an interactive media that is inspired by Nang Talung, a form of traditional performance that use shadow to visually communicate stories. What is significant about Nang Talung culture is the recitation of extemporaneous Thai verse in the local dialect, which allow the puppeteers (which are elderly people in community) to share folk wisdom by commenting on the prevailing social occurrences. One of the charms of Nang Talung is the group of clown characters who are well known, for example, Ai Khainui and Ai Si Kaeo. It is believed that these clowns are real living beings and that they have special personalities that are amusing. The puppeteer presents the lives of the puppets and puts them into the drama that is played out in a world which moves across the screen. He creates entertainment for people to watch.Talung app digitalizes prominent characters of Nang Talung as the process of preserving cultural artifacts and brings Nang Talung from folk culture to digital culture, which allow people to experience and interact with Nang Talung through digital platform.