Speculating the futures of Human-Robot Marriage


The advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence give rise to the creation of humanoids that are closely similar to humans. This influences a radical shift in terms of perception because robots are not a mere instrumental device but now an agent with cognition. The roles of robot also evolve from the heavy industrial machine that performs procedural tasks to become an emotional and personal assistant to humans. Therefore, the human-robot relationship is inevitable. In fact, based on the current situations, sex robots and human’s attempts to legalize the human and non-human couples have led the researcher to predict that a human-robot marriage will be legal by 2050. This research paper investigates the potential tensions and outcomes of the affective relationship between humans and robots using scenario construction techniques. We derive at 4 futuristic scenarios based on three aspects as in (a) level control, (b) agency, and (c) cultural integration of the robots into society. These scenarios are then used as the basis for coming up with recommendations for human-robot couples.


Proceedings of the Conference “Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science 2018”