Personalized Food Fabrication in Space : An Evaluation on the Fabrication Process of Multi-Viscosity Substance in Zero Gravity by Food 3D printer


The innovation in fabricating personalized food in microgravity leads to the study of fluid flow of liquids of many viscosities, The coalescence of fluids and the quality assessment of the 3D printer’s parts and developing an accurate control system. Furthermore, in the future the physical and chemical properties can be determined using sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) would lead to learning the capabilities, the type of food that can be fabricated and limitations of the the printer. This could be encoded as information for usage as a user interface (UI) to recommend the appropriate food to the user’s health in micro gravity conditions including the food flavor that will not cause boredom that affects the psychology in space for a long time using AI and predictions



This project won the Thai National Space Exploration proposal call for onboarding  the international space station.