BioFab: The Next Generation of Wearable Devices


BioFab, a wearable device platform that can perform synthetic biology on the go. The central feature of BioFab is the ability to fabricate bio-molecules by utilizing the freeze-dried cell-free (FD-CF) protein expression reaction. FD-CF pellets are added to water with the desired gene to synthesize proteins. These proteins can be used to design metabolic pathways for drug fabrication or used directly as a therapeutic itself. Usually, the FD-CF reaction has small reaction volumes in the order of micro-liters. Therefore, PDMS microfluidic channels are used to transport and react to all the reagents in this device. One of the key features of the BioFab is modularity; the device will have mechanically separable platforms for different features i.e. one platform can perform on-board PCR and the other can perform CRISPR. The modularity also allows future synthetic biology to be added onto the device in the future easily. The scope of this project is to create an on-demand drug synthesis delivery platform. This personal bio fabrication device can help to improve the quality of life in the areas of medicine as well as wellbeing by allowing the user to create crucial biological molecules that are necessary for their life.