FREAK Members join ADM Symposium 2017 : Innovation, Biodesign, Culture, and Technology


June 20, 2017
To 20170621
School of Art, Design and Media - NTU

The front  lines between Art,Culture,Biodesign,and Technology and knowledge­  production seem to be in transformation. Based on the vivid interest in inter-disciplinary dialogue that characterized social linking of different individuals and groups as well as dialogue between and across disciplinary lines and practices, is the main focus of the symposium.

Werasak Surareungchai, Smitt Loha-Unchit, Pat Pataranutaporn presented at ADM Symposium 2017. Tawan Thintawornkul exhibits BioX FoodFab food 3D printer at ADM Symposium 2017

The symposium is organized by NTU – Lab Of Open Matters (LOOM) and co-organized by Pat Pataranutaporn (LOOM, FREAK, ASU) 20-21 June 2017, 3D Projection Lab ART2-15, School of Art, Design and Media – NTU



Symposium on Innovation, Biodesign, Culture and Technology