Traditionally, robot is as an anthropomorphic, autonomous entity that possesses intelligence and acts in a way that mimics human behavior. Instead, the majority of robots are often anchored to one point and consist of a single flexible arm (Murray). The purpose of robotics technology is essentially to carry out repetitive, physically demanding, and potentially dangerous manual activities so that humans are relieved from these tasks. Examples of these chores include working on a factory production line assembly, handling hazardous materials, and dealing with hostile environments like underground mines, underwater construction sites, and explosives plants. Industrial robots can work twenty-four hours a day without a break to maximize productivity in manufacturing environments. Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the other hand is an area of computer science that focus on the development of intelligent system that work and react like humans such as learning, planning, and problem solving. However the different between the AI and the robot is that the AI does not need to be in the humanoid body, it can purely be a system that acts like a brain. These two established field of research are making significant impacts toward becoming mainstream. As Robot and Artificial Intelligence continue to developed and beginning to enter people daily life, the development of an ethical guideline and social practice for those machine by the collaboration of peoples from different fields become essential in order to prevent the future misconduct. In this article, the ethical guideline and social practice is a conduct in any form for human to know how to interact with robot, and also for robot to know how to interact with human and other robot. However, the main focus of this article is not on the content of the guideline, but it is on the necessaries of it, and how it should be created. The important of this guideline is very controversial because even robots are becoming more presence in the society, the robots that are intelligence enough to understand the ethics and moral code are still only exist in the science fiction.

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