About our GROUP

This group is interested in looking at magic, monsters, and machines as a set of socially constructed phenomenon, which reflects the notion of conflict and tension in society.This group examines the intersectionality between post-modernity, ambiguity, and socio-techno system. Our research group works in the area of digital anthropology research, human-computer interaction, and play study.

Blog article

Policy Advise on Zombie Apocalypse

This recommendation is made for the remaining operation of the Centers for Disease Control and [...]

Silkie, Robot, and Alien : The Interpretation and Analysis of Human and the Otherness in Experimental Silkie Stories.

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Machine Mononoke : robot, supernatural, and power

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The Computational Aesthetics of Kojiki : the Machine Learning Approach for Regenerating the Primitive Japanese Text, and the Relationship between Machine and Authorship.

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The Development of Ethical Guideline and Social Practice for Robot and Artificial Intelligence

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Computational kwaidan: recreating Japanese tales with machine learning

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Rashomon universe, distorted universe, or parallel universes

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On my Godzilla’s mind

Based on Tanaka’s question, Godzilla is a tangible reflection of the nuclear trauma in Japan, [...]