Smitt Loha-Unchit

Past Member  




Smitt is an Architect / Designer who has been working in the Market Research field, he is also a part-time academic. He has been studying abroad in English-speaking countries since starting high school, and as such he is able to provide cross-cultural perspective and ability to adapt to different work environment. His extensive involvement in academics also gives him fresh ideas and up-to-date knowledge in the field of Architecture and ability to positively critique works to enhance the outcome. Smitt have been doing different kind of scales of work from product design to interior design to architecture. His present interests are in integration of architecture with other fields of study, such as Biomimicry. He is interested in how other disciplines can interact with architecture and what the consequences would be, and how they can influence architecture, and vice versa. He is also attracted to the merging of architectural design principles with changing human and environmental requirements, to explore and design new living environments with respect to changing world climatic and geographical conditions. The other area, in which he is interested in, would be in Parametric Design Principles, from various ways whether to design a complex building through parametric or to design a mass production of the survival shelter. Smitt is also keen to take up the challenges which might be offered in other areas of design and creativity.