Puey Ounjai



Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University in Bangkok.


from : https://ounjailab.com/about/

Our research is centered around the structures of macromolecular machines, in particular to understand their mechanism of action. Our immediate focus is on cilia, bacteriophages, viruses and other molecular machinery involved in cellular locomotion. We are also on establishing a new model for characterizing the drug action for tropical and neglected diseases. Moreover, we are as well interested in developing a platform for exploiting plankton and other microorganisms in biotechnological application.

As a scientific communicator, we have a deep interest in promoting scientific education and realization in the society. Hence, we are working with magazines and media to try to use novel technology for mass communication. Our team are also interested in designing pedagogical method to improve student engagement in the classroom and in the lab setting. We also make scientific toys for the lab and share them with school teachers & educators with the hope to help establish a real “citizen scientist concept” in Thailand …  🙂

If you are an educator or a school teacher and you think our lab can help your school in anyway, please feel free to contact us!