What exactly is monster ? As I grow older, I started to observe a broad spectrum of monsters from a creature with pure evil intention like Smaug (The Hobbit) to just a bizarre looking creature that is only interested in cookie like Cookie monster (Sesame Street), from a natural being like Godzilla to artificial giant like Mechagodzilla, from an intelligent agent with high technology gadgets like Predator (Alien franchise) to a savage primitive life form like Alien (Alien franchise), from social creatures like Sullivan and his friends from Monster, inc to mysteriously isolated bigfoot from Himalayan. These various characteristics demonstrate that “monster” is an undefined category with a blur boundary reaching out to all the misfit. Therefore it is such an ambitious plan to write something that can generalize these group such in the same way that it is difficult to write something that speak of humanity as a whole without creating a bias stereotype. However, there is one thing in common among all of these creatures, which is the way that human classify and “monsterized” them into the group. These three theses presented in this paper are focusing on the way in which something has been clustered into the genus of monstrosity.

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